Ramadhan Program 1435


"O People!  Surely, the month of God has approached you.  The month, which, in the eyes of Allah, is the most virtuous of the months;  Its days are the best of the days and its nights, the best of the nights, and its moments, the best of the moments"
The Holy Prophet (SAW) - Bihar al Anwar, Vol 96.

Ramadhan Program
The eve of Mahe Ramadhan is expected to be Saturday June 28th 2014. The program at the
center will begin at 7:45pm.

Mon to Fri: The program will start at 7:00 pm

Sat, Sun: The program will start at 6:40 pm

For the Ramadhan Circular, please click on the attached file


Download this file (Mahe Ramadhan 1435 Circular.pdf)Ramadhan 1435 Circular[ ]655 Kb
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