Ramadhan Program 1434


"O People!  Surely, the month of God has approached you.  The month, which, in the eyes of Allah, is the most virtuous of the months;  Its days are the best of the days and its nights, the best of the nights, and its moments, the best of the moments"
The Holy Prophet (SAW) - Bihar al Anwar, Vol 96.


Ramadhan Program
The eve of Mahe Ramadhan is expected to be Tuesday July 9th. The program at the
center will begin on Tuesday July 9th at 7:45pm with Surah Yasin,Majlis,Namaaz,Dua
Ifttah & Tawassul, and end with Ziyarat. Normal Program and timing will then continue
for the rest of the month as outlined below. Iftar will be served daily beginning
Wednesday July 10th 2013.

For the Ramadhan Circular, please click on the attached file


Download this file (Ramazan_Updated_Final_061913.pdf)Ramadhan 1434 Circular[ ]228 Kb
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